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compassionately assisting with decluttering, organizing, and relocating needs

Silver Nesting Services is a business serving Cambria, Somerset, and Blair counties that provides a multifaceted approach to help senior clients with decluttering, organizing, and relocating.

At Silver Nesting Services, we understand that the thought of moving and needing to sort through a lifetime of memories can be overwhelming. We minimize chaos and stress by creating and executing a seamless action plan, customized to the wants and needs of the clients and family members.

For information about Silver Nesting Services and to set-up your complimentary consultation, contact Ellen Mostoller, Senior Move Manager today. Text or call: (814) 254-7284. E-mail:

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During your complimentary consultation, we’ll present and describe all of the services that we offer and their associated costs. All services are à la carte and can be purchased by the hour to best suit your needs and budget.

Senior couple meeting with Senior Move Manager
Providing Complimentary Consultation

Together, we’ll take a walk through your home, and together, we’ll come up with an action plan to meet your goals with decluttering, organizing, and relocating.

Large living room with stack of moving boxes
Decluttering, Sorting, and Organizing

We’ll help you to decide, room by room, what you want to give away, discard, sell, donate to a local charity, and if moving, take with you to your new place. We’ll make this sometimes overwhelming task easy.

Senior Move Manager holding clipboard with list of items
Arranging for Sale/Discarding of Items

Whether you have things you’d like to sell, recycle, donate, or send across the country, we’ll help you with your unwanted items. We’ll also provide an itemized donation list for your records.

Senior couple sitting on couch looking at floor plan
Creating Customized Floor Plan

Whether you’re downsizing in place, or moving to a new home, we’ll create a customized floor plan together with you that outlines where everything goes, room by room. We’ll also take photos of rooms and contents as a guide for the new setup.

Professional moving company man taping up a mox
Arranging Hire of Local Packers/Movers

Based on your needs and schedule, we’ll contact and set-up local packing and moving companies for you to interview and hire.

Moving boxes labeled for kitchen and bedroom items
Overseeing Packers and Movers

Don’t worry about not knowing which rooms’ items are packed in which boxes. We’ll oversee the packing and will label each box for the room and its contents. Example: “Bedroom: sheets & blankets.”

Bedroom at new home set up with bed and furniture
Assisting in Unpack/Setup of New Home

With all of your boxes labeled by room and contents, the unpacking and setup will go smoothly. And using the photos that we took, we’ll make sure everything is where you want it. A place for everything, and everything in its place!

Contact Senior Move Manager, Ellen Mostoller

Ellen has lived, worked, and volunteered in our community for over 20 years. Let her help to make all of your decluttering, organizing, and relocating needs simple. For more information about Silver Nesting Services and to set-up your complimentary consultation, contact Ellen today. Text or call: (814) 254-7284.

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National Association of Senior Move Managers logoSilver Nesting Services is a proud member of NASMM.

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