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Community-Based Work Assessment

Through Goodwill’s Community-Based Work Assessment, job seekers with disabilities will work with Goodwill’s job coaches to learn whether they are suited for or prepared for particular jobs before applying for them. During several structured four-hour assessments, the job seeker completes a variety of job tasks that measures an individual job seeker’s strengths and abilities. After a work assessment is completed, a Goodwill job coach provides a written report and meets with the job seeker and the referring agency to discuss the results and make recommendations for the next step in the job seeker’s employment plan. For more information, contact Tara Burkey at (814) 536-3536, ext. 231 or tburkey@gogoodwill.org.

youth1Community Employment Services

Helping individuals with disabilities to find competitive employment is the goal of Goodwill’s Community Employment Services. Goodwill assists persons with disabilities in preparing for successful job placement and job retention by utilizing Goodwill Industries International’s Career Development Model. Goodwill’s services include instruction or assistance with applications, résumés, and cover letters; interviewing techniques; life and social skills; job shadowing, Community-Based Work Assessments, and on the job experience; placements services; and job coaching. For more information, contact Tara Burkey at (814) 536-3536, ext. 231 or tburkey@gogoodwill.org.

Transitional Employment Services

To empower individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their fullest potential and to participate fully in their communities, Goodwill creates individualized person-centered plans that are based on the individual’s goals, interests, and abilities. Goodwill offers a continuum of prevocational paid work experiences, and community habilitation services that encourage and ensure choice, social inclusion, dignity, respect, and customer satisfaction, with a focus on the ultimate goal of increased independence in the community. For more information, contact 536-3536.

Goodwill® GoodGuides® Youth Mentoring Program


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GoodGuides Cooking Club

Goodwill GoodGuides® Youth Mentoring Program is designed to help youth between the ages of 12–17 to build career plans and skills as they prepare for school completion, postsecondary training, and productive work through structured and supportive relationships with adult volunteer mentors. Goodwill works in collaboration with many community partners. For more information, contact Kevin Fleck at (814) 536-3536, ext. 305 or kfleck@gogoodwill.org.

School-to-Work Transition

Goodwill’s School-to-Work Transition Program assists students with disabilities who are enrolled in school districts in Goodwill’s six-county service area with the opportunity to gain competitive employment. Goodwill’s employment counselors and job coaches help students in discovering their interests and abilities. The main components of the School-to-Work Transition are the Community-Based Work Assessment, Paid Work Experience, Job Finding, and Job Support. Students are referred by Pennsylvania’s Intermediate Units or their Learning Support Teachers from their respective school districts. For information, contact Tara Burkey at (814) 536-3536, ext. 231 or tburkey@gogoodwill.org.

YouthBuild® Johnstown


YouthBuild Johnstown is a 6–11-month education and job training program for individuals ages 17–24 who live in Johnstown, PA and meet eligibility requirements....YouthBuild is also a housing and community service program. As YouthBuild students, youth help the community by building and rehabilitating housing for residents who meet low-income guidelines and those who are homeless. This expands the supply of affordable housing, provides meaningful work experience, and helps youth to become responsible members of the community.

Youth earn their GEDs. They also earn minimum wage during On-The Job Training, and have the potential for $5 per day for program participation and $10 per week for perfect program attendance.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for YouthBuild, an individual must:

  • Live in Johnstown, PA
  • Be age 17–24
  • Be out of school
  • Lack a high school diploma or be skills-deficient

An individual who meets all of the above requirements is also eligible if he/she meets at least one of the following:

  • Has a criminal record
  • Has a disability
  • Has a parent who is incarcerated
  • Is aging out of foster care
  • Meets low-income requirements or is homeless
  • Is a migrant farm worker

An eligible individual who is also a Veteran or a spouse of a certain Veteran will be given priority.

YouthBuild Johnstown is funded 80% by the U.S. Department of Labor through a $720,000 grant and 20% by nongovernmental in-kind support by community partners in the amount of $180,000.

For more information, contact Mindy Rickabaugh at (814) 536-3536, ext. 291 or mrickabaugh@gogoodwill.org.

Download YouthBuild Application



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Youth2Work is for individuals ages 17–24 who live in Cambria County, PA and meet eligibility requirements. Youth2Work integrates education, occupational, work-readiness, paid work experience, and leadership skills. Youth2Work provides training in Welding, Healthcare, and Construction along with a paid work experience and addresses core issues facing low-income communities, which include housing, education, employment, and leadership development.

Youth2Work students also earn minimum wage during paid work training, and have the potential for earning $5 per day for program participation and $10 per week for perfect program attendance. For those who have dropped out of high school and need a GED/High School Diploma, further educational remediation is available.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for Youth2Work, an individual must:

  • Live in Cambria County, PA
  • Be age 17–24
  • Meet low-income requirements

An individual who meets all of the above requirements is eligible if he/she also meets at least one of the following:

  • Has a criminal record
  • Has a disability
  • Has a parent who is incarcerated
  • Is aging out of foster care
  • Is homeless
  • Is a migrant farm worker
  • Is a single parent or single pregnant woman
  • Lacks a GED or high school diploma
  • Is basic skills deficient in reading or math
  • Requires additional assistance to enter or complete an educational program or employment

Youth2Work is funded through the Southern Alleghenies Workforce Development Board and the PA Department of Labor and Industry

For more information, contact Mindy Rickabaugh at (814) 536-3536, ext. 291 or mrickabaugh@gogoodwill.org.

Youth Employment and Training Services

Services provided at the PA CareerLink, Cambria County, 445 Schoolhouse Road, Johnstown, PA 15904


Visiting the PA CareerLink, Cambria County is a great way for youth to explore employment supports available from federal- and state-funded programs. Goodwill operates the Title I Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) services at the PA CareerLink, Cambria County.

The PA CareerLink has programs designed to help youth reach their career and educational goals.

Services for youth ages 14–24 include:

  • Career and postsecondary school exploration and transition activities
  • Paid and unpaid work experiences — with both academic and occupational education components
  • Occupational skills training, focusing on industry-recognized postsecondary credentials and in-demand occupations for our region
  • Leadership development activities that encourage responsibility, employability, and other pro-social behaviors as well as decision-making skills, determining priorities, life skills, work behavior training, budgeting resources, and keeping informed of community affairs and events
  • Financial literacy education
  • Entrepreneurial skills training
  • Internships and pre-apprenticeship programs
  • Follow-up services for at least 12 months after program completion

Youth with Disabilities

Youth with disabilities who are ages 16–24 and are not attending school are eligible for out-of-school services. Youth with disabilities who are up to the age of 24 are eligible for in-school services if they meet low-income guidelines or other eligibility criteria and are enrolled in secondary or postsecondary school of any kind within the last school calendar quarter. It is very likely that youth with disabilities will meet the low-income guidelines for in-school youth because income for youth with disabilities is determined based only on the youth’s income, not his/her family’s income.

Any youth with a disability who is eligible for government cash assistance programs, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), is automatically eligible for WIOA youth services.

Up to 5 percent of participants in local WIOA youth programs do not have to meet the low- income guidelines.

More choices are now available at the PA CareerLink than in the past for people with disabilities. Individuals who need more than the basic services that are offered by the CareerLink may also apply for vocational rehabilitation services at the same location.

A visit to the CareerLink also makes for a great career exploration activity for youth for an Individual Education Plan (IEP), or a possible resource for a youth self-advocate who is looking for adult employment support options.

For more information, contact Sarah Helman at (814) 533-2493, ext. 272 or shelman@gogoodwill.org.

Click here to visit the PA CareerLink Cambria County Facebook Page.


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