Food Security-Moxham Food Pantry

Moxham Food Pantry Store

**The Moxham Food Pantry is undergoing renovations, but fear not! Beginning Thursday, March 7, food assistance continues uninterrupted at the nearby Goodwill building (540 Central Avenue). While the pantry undergoes its transformation, grab-and-go bags packed with a variety of nutritious options will be available to eligible residents of Moxham, Hornerstown, Lorain Borough, Krings, Riverside, Belmont Homes, and lower Ferndale. Though selection might be temporarily limited, the pantry remains dedicated to providing essential groceries throughout the construction phase.

Think of a convenience grocery store when you think of us. It’s all about consumer choice. Call or stop in to see if you’re qualified to participate. If you do qualify, the food is free. We are open every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 AM and take registrations through 3:15 PM every week. If you wonder if you qualify, just give the pantry a call at 814-288-9979.

We get it. The price of groceries are out of site. Benefits no longer go the distance between weeks anymore. The food program is run under the USDA, United Way, and your local Goodwill. We will walk you through the enrollment process that usually only takes about 5 minutes. Once qualified and registered, you can use the Store one time a month. The program does not replace your help from other agencies, it helps augment the help by extending your ability to get through a few weeks.

You must live in Moxham, Hornerstown, Lorain Borough, Krings, Riverside, Belmont Homes, and the lower part of Ferndale (on the lower part of Franklin Street).

We offer freshly sliced deli meats, vacuum sealed and dated for freshness. We offer a large meat selection that includes chicken, pork, fish, turkey, sausage, and red meats when we can get those supplies. We carry eggs, milk, bread, and fresh veggies during the growing season. Portions are relative to household size. You will have a volunteer that will help you through the food selection process once at the store. We also have your selected foods delivered to your car for you. Come in and check us out! We’re looking forward to meeting you and seeing if this program fits your grocery needs.

Lost? Call 814-288-9979 for help.

Click here to DONATE to the Moxham Food Pantry. Your gift will help support our local community.

Not sure where to start or what program would be the best fit, complete this contact form and we will get in touch as soon as we can.


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